Basic Anime Knowledge

Hello, This is the latest Hot Anime of 2016-2017. Some examples are listed beside you There are different types of Anime. Seasonal and Mainstream.Mainstream anime are long lasting anime and are usually popluar for a long time.Seasonal anime consist's of 12-24 epoisdes and are airred in Winter,Spring,Summer,And Fall.On this page and the examples listed are seasonal anime from this year.

Anime are japenese cartoons.Seasonal anime usually could have multiple seasons. Most animes are from manga which are japenese comics. Anime are custom in Japan. They are tradition and Japan takes pride in it's anime.

Anime has many genres. These genres vary from action to romance. Their are special genres in Japan being Shounen and Seinen. Shounen anime are usually for males and are action filled anime examples being My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan. Seinen anime are aimed towards females and usually are comdedmys and romance animes examples being One Punch Man and Re:Zero.

Tokyo Ghoul - Opening 'Unravel' HD from carla muñoz on Vimeo.

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